We capture memories

Welcome to award winning Inventive Films! We are based out of the beautiful Napa Valley.  We’ve been filming weddings since 2010 with over 200 weddings documented for our amazing couples. Inventive Films is a reputable and well seasoned production team within the wedding industry. Something about the art of filmmaking keeps us awake editing and fine tuning all night. We explore the world of our couples and contribute an original style to each video we produce. We capture memories in a candid and authentic fashion that will reveal the couples true love and character. Inventive Films is a lifetime investment of unforgettable memories. So let’s get started–give us a call or send an email today and we’ll start the conversation about your amazing wedding soon to come, and the video that will keep your memory of the day alive forever!

 Sincerely, David Schloss Owner/Founder

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A documentary style video of your big day.

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A cinematic recap that highlights the best events.

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We capture memories

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Why Hire a Videographer when I have a Photographer?

We love photography and think pictures are important to have, so find an amazing photographer! The thing that always amazes us is that video tends to be in the Maybe category for couples. While photos capture a snap of what happen, video captures the reality of what happens. Seeing motion pictures and hearing audio of your vows being exchanged is something you’ll want to have in 5+ years.  To capture your grandmother laughing is just a glimpse of what video is capable of doing. Your loved ones wishing you an amazing future is something still photography can’t do. Most of our clients say they cried while watching their highlight video. We explain Your story through the art of filmmaking. The style of wedding videography is evolving and becoming more cinematic. Its like a movie! Modern Technology has made it possible for us to have high end video productions at weddings. So before you skip over a videographer, just ask around and read some blogs about the couples who choose to invest into a videographer. Watch our videos and imagine having that for the rest of your life.

Why Hire Inventive Films?

We are well skilled filmmakers. We are all about making your vision come alive in a cinematic fashion. Whatever our client wants is what we strive to deliver. We are confident in our ability to tell your story. We have high end equipment to do so. Beyond the highlight clip, we offer a feature length video in our packages that covers the entire day! Full of speeches, interviews, getting ready, the ceremony and vows, every dance, cutting the cake, eating dinner, your grandparents laughing, and breath taking cinematography. We want our clients to have these memories forever, so we arrange our packages just for that. Your in good hands with Inventive Films, just ask around.

How do you work with the photographer to get your shots?

If we don’t know the photographer we always call them before the day of the wedding an introduce ourselves. Most photographers and videographers have developed a method of working together. We take turns to get our shots. Overall, the Inventive Films team is a cool group of guys and easy to work with. 🙂

What kind of gear do you use?

We only invest in high quality gear like: Sony A7s III, FS7 II, Canon C300, Inspire II drone, a lot of lenses and much more…

How do you handle Low Lighting situations?
We have portable lights if we need them! For the most part our cameras handle low lighting situations just fine.
What do you do with our raw footage?

We save your raw footage on 2 external hard-drives. Couples must own external hard drives compatible to MAC to retrieve the footage. We give all footage to our couples.

What is the game plan for Inventive Films going into weddings?

Every filmmaker scheduled to shoot has an agenda. It can be operating the slider and glidecam, giving interviews or getting detailed shots… everyone has a specific job to get done. After shooting many weddings we have developed a strategic method to film the day the best we can. Weddings are difficult to film, we think they are the most challenging thing to shoot in the film business. The reason why is because it’s a live event that only happens once, they move extremely fast and we are challenged to creatively capture things on the fly with 150 people present. So bringing on a film crew with a game plan is important.

How are we involved with the process?

We are open to collaborating with our couples. We will give some input, but want to make you happy!

Is our raw footage safe?

We back up everyones footage on multiple External Hard Drives.

Will You travel for weddings?

Yes we travel!

Do we have to provide a meal for the Inventive Films Crew?
Its about a 12 hour day on our end so packing a lunch never works well with no refrigerator. It’s always nice when our lovely couple offers a snack. 🙂