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We are visual storytellers.

Thanks for visiting! Inventive Films was founded in my college dorm room in 2011. I graduated from San Francisco State University School of Cinema in 2012. I then ventured into commercial branding, wedding cinematography and real estate virtual tours, which are the services Inventive Films offers today. My business is grass rooted with over 10,000 hours of passion devoted to serving my clients with quality visuals. I am also a cofounder of a nonprofit called Homeless of Napa where I helped raise awareness of a growing homeless issue in my hometown using Facebook video campaigns that accumulated thousands of views. Resulting in funds, jobs and housing for those in need. I am just as passionate about giving back to my community as I am about assisting our clients at Inventive Films. I love coffee and a good story… so reach out! I’d love to meet you.

David Schloss Signature - Take by Vultures

David Schloss, Founder

Photo by Kaitlynn Tucker Photography

David Schloss on set with Barrymore Wines

Our Team

David Schloss

Founder / Lead Cinematographer & Editor

Omar Azruei

Production Coordinator & Second Shooter